G10110A05 F005M Bearing Assembly


Keystone Part Number: 706.2000.12564

Keystone Model Number: KDH/KDHR 8/6F

OEM Part Number: F005M

Part Description: BEARING ASSEMBLY

Part Material: 2000

Part Material Description: Custom Material Combination

Part Weight: 441lbs (200kg)

OEM Pump Model: AH®

OEM Pump Size: 8/6F AH®

Frame: F

Parts That Fit: Warman® Pumps

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Product Description:

Witness the precision and consistency of our Keystone bearing assembly, meticulously crafted to serve a broad spectrum of industrial uses. This superior aftermarket assembly can be easily recognized by its Keystone Part Number. 706.2000.12564, adheres to strict standards, ensuring a seamless replacement for your slurry pump.

Key Features:

Custom Material Combination: Expertly crafted from a unique material combination (Part Material: 2000), our bearing assembly offers superior wear resistance and exceptional longevity.
Substantial Weight: With a robust weight of 441lbs (200kg), this assembly stands as a testament to its durability and ability to withstand demanding operating conditions.
Frame: F
Compatibility: Designed to perfectly fit Warman® Pumps, including aftermarket replacement for OEM Pump Model AH® and size 8/6F AH®.

Industry Applications:

Versatility defines our Keystone bearing assembly, as it’s designed to master a range of challenging scenarios. From abrasive mixtures to oversized aggregates, from corrosive chemicals to thick, high-viscosity fluids, this assembly handles it all with finesse. No matter the demanding industrial context, whether it’s mining, wastewater treatment, construction, or more, it remains the top choice for ensuring peak efficiency in your slurry pump.


Aftermarket Replacement for OEM Part #: F005M
Ensure the continued performance and dependability of your slurry pump with our Keystone bearing assembly. It’s the cost-effective solution that delivers uncompromised quality to meet your industrial needs.

KDH/KDHR/KDHH Bearing Assemblies

Keystone Pump SizeKeystone Part NumberOEM PartOEM Pump SizeFrame
KDH/KDHR 1.5/1B, KDH/KDHR 2/1.5B706.2000.12004B005M1.5/1B AH/AHR, 2/1.5B AH/AHRB
KDH/KDHR 3/2C706.2000.12119C005M3/2C AH/AHRC
KDH/KDHR 1.5/1C, KDH/KDHR 4/3C, KDHH 1.5/1C706.2000.12203CAM005M1.5/1C AH/AHR, 4/3C AH/AHR, 1.5/1C HHC
KDH/KDHR 4/3CC, KDHH 1.5/1CC706.2000.12898CCAM005M4/3CC AH/AHR, 1.5/1CC HHCC
KDH/KDHR 4/3D706.2000.12272D005M4/3D AH/AHRD
KDH/KDHR 6/4D, KDHH 3/2D706.2000.12359DAM005M6/4D AH/AHR, 3/2D HHD
KDH/KDHR 6/4DD, KDHH 3/2DD706.2000.12899DDAM005M6/4DD AH/AHR, 3/2DD HHDD
KDH/KDHR 6/4E706.2000.12408E005M6/4E AH/AHRE
KDH/KDHR 8/6E, KDHH 4/3E706.2000.12511EAM005M8/6E AH/AHR, 4/3E HHE
KDH/KDHR 6/4EE , KDHH 4/3EE HH706.2000.12900EEAM005M6/4EE AH/AHR, 4/3EE HHEE
KDH/KDHR 10/8F, KDH/KDHR 12/10F, KDH/KDHR 14/12F706.2000.12662FAM005M10/8F AH/AHR, 12/10F AH/AHR, 14/12F AH/AHRF
KDH/KDHR 8/6F706.2000.12564F005M8/6F AH/AHRF
KDHH 6/4F706.2000.12902FG005M6/4F HHF
KDHH 6/4S706.2000.13045S005M6/4S HHS
KDH/KDHR 10/8ST, KDH/KDHR 12/10ST, KDH/KDHR 14/12ST706.2000.13051SH005M10/8ST AH/AHR, 12/10ST AH/AHR, 14/12ST AH/AHRST
KDH 16/14TU, 20/18TU706.2000.13230TH005M16/14TU AH, 20/18TU AHTU


Disclaimer: Keystone Pumps does not represent and is not in any way affiliated with Warman® a registered trademark of Weir Minerals Australia Ltd. Parts represented on Keystone Pumps W-Series, Parts webpage are not genuine OEM parts either manufactured or authorized by Warman®. These specific Keystone Pump products are sold as after-market replacement parts. All names, numbers, symbols, and descriptions are used for reference purposes only and do not imply that any part or pump listed is the product of any company other than Keystone Pumps.

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