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About Keystone

We design and manufacture high quality, heavy duty slurry pumps to handle the toughest industrial applications. All at a competive price. At Keystone Pumps, rugged, top-quality products are just one of our points of pride. We use computational fluid dynamics for hydraulic design and superior materials in construction so that our pumps will perform at their peak even under incredibly abrasive conditions.

We also respect the value of customized products, personalized service and exceptional application support. Every one of our customers can feel that respect. This value and values-based approach has earned Keystone Pumps a reputation for quality, performance and fair pricing within industries like mining, mineral extraction and processing, oil sands extraction and processing, pulp and paper, chemical processing, and water and waste water treatment. We’re proud of the trust.

Company Profile

Keystone Pumps is a Canadian pump manufacturer based in Vancouver, British Columbia, focused on designing and manufacturing premier pump products including a submersible pump line, and a vertical cantilever pump line.

We work with industries including mining and steel, oil and gas, pulp and paper, chemical processing and water & waste water treatment.

Core Principles: Competitive Pricing, Quality and Support

After 20 years in the pump design and manufacturing industry, we founded Keystone in 2013 with the belief that we could make a durable, high quality pump capable of tackling the toughest abrasive applications that any industry could throw at it.

We’re a company that thrives on a good challenge, applying common sense, solid experience, and a sense of what’s right to guide our problem-solving and practices.

Insisting on quality is another Keystone practice that’s become our highest priority. For us, quality is not only about sourcing the best quality materials for our pumps and parts, but also reliant on consistent improvement and innovation—made possible by strong relationships with our customers and vendors.

Our very simple secret to success is that we take great care in listening to our customers, and in clarifying and understanding their unique pump or configuration requirements. We also provide ongoing support, and apply needs and feedback to our future product development.

It’s a point of pride for us to ensure that when you work with us, you’re not just buying a pump—but are gaining a partner.

Keystone Quality

Our insistence on quality and service means fewer costs and headaches for businesses. Few pumps are specifically designed to handle the abrasive nature of most slurry applications or of solids transport. The usual result is exponential wear and premature failure. It’s so bad that many businesses have come to expect having to regularly repair or replace pumps.

Good Pumps Just Work

At Keystone, we believe that a good pump just works—and keeps working. It starts with finding the right pump for the job. We have a team of experienced pros who ask the right questions to understand your needs, and ensure that they recommend the pump that best suits your business’ very particular needs. The next step is ensuring that the right pump is made the right way. We do that, too. For Keystone, quality starts with listening to our customers. We learn what you want and need in the field, and take that straight to product design—so that we can make the best pump possible for your tough applications. We use the best materials on the market to stand up to abrasion, corrosion and wear. And every one of our pump component suppliers are ISO9001 quality certified.

We Measure Quality

At Keystone Pumps, we aim to meet and exceed customer expectations so that we know we’re creating products that are truly valued, as well as reliable and long-lasting.

We measure quality in these ways:

  • Every one of our products adheres to our high manufacturing standards
  • Our products are delivered on time and with optimal customer support
  • We continuously improve all existing products
  • We regularly develop new products to respond to customer needs and requests

It’s About Good Relationships

We welcome our vendors to take an active role in our quality initiatives, so that together we develop a good working relationship and actively learn from one another—as well as continually improving our ability to meet and exceed our customer’s quality expectations.


At Keystone Pumps we turn Mathematics into Geometry.

Our proprietary advanced Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) program allows us the accurately design the most efficient impeller vane and volute profiles to ensure longer wear life and more efficient operation of your pump.