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Keystone Hard Iron Sleeves

Keystone Hard Iron Shaft Sleeves

Introducing Keystone Pumps’ Hard Iron Shaft Sleeves — the ultimate solution for exceptional wear resistance in pumps and rotating equipment.

Our Hard Iron Shaft Sleeves are manufactured from High Chrome White Iron (ASTM A532 CLIII Type A), a specialized hardened cast iron material. Unlike other coatings or materials, our High Chrome material is abrasion resistant and hardened uniformly from the inside diameter to the outside diameter of the sleeve. This means no coatings are required, eliminating the risk of coating delamination.

When compared to carbon steel or coated sleeves, our Hard Iron Shaft Sleeves offer longer and more consistent wear resistance capabilities throughout the entire shaft sleeve material. This results in longer-lasting performance and reduced downtime for your operations.

Key Benefits of Keystone Hard Iron Shaft Sleeves:

  1. Longer Lasting than Carbon Steel Shaft Sleeves: Our Hard Iron Shaft Sleeves outperform carbon steel sleeves, which tend to wear quickly on abrasive slurries, leading to premature packing failure.

  2. Longer Packing Life = Less Downtime: With our Hard Iron Shaft Sleeves, you can expect extended packing life, reducing maintenance and downtime for replacements.

  3. No Coatings, No Coating Delamination: Unlike sleeves with thin layers of hardened coatings, our Hard Iron Shaft Sleeves are made from solid hardened material throughout, ensuring no delamination issues and eliminating the need for costly replacements.

  4. Lower Cost than Coated Sleeves: Our Hard Iron Shaft Sleeves provide a cost-effective solution compared to expensive coated sleeves that may not offer the same level of wear resistance.

Additionally, our Hard Iron Shaft Sleeves boast an average hardness of 60 RC, ensuring excellent durability and performance in demanding applications.

At Keystone Pumps, we can supply sleeves for all manufacturers and equipment types, making it easy for you to enhance the wear resistance of your pumps and rotating equipment.

Don’t compromise on wear resistance and reliability. Choose Keystone Pumps’ Hard Iron Shaft Sleeves for exceptional performance, reduced downtime, and increased cost savings. Contact us today to discuss your specific requirements and experience the difference of our Hard Iron Shaft Sleeves.