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Keystone Submersible Pump Buried in the Texas Oil Fields

This is one of our Submersible Slurry Pumps model HDS 100L (4″ Discharge) Agitator, operating in the Texas Oil Fields.  Our customer says the pump was unsupervised for over a day and it was still pumping, even with the massive build up of solids. Our customer was super happy as they have used almost every submersible […]

Empowering Pumps – Pump Person of the Week

Pump Person of the Week – Andrew Clark, Keystone Pumps May 26, 2017 There are so many talented and interesting people working in the pump industry that Empowering Pumps is making an effort to shine a spotlight on individuals who spend their time and energy making valuable contributions within the Pump Industry. We recently had […]

Slurry Pump Impeller Tip Speed

It’s no easy task to size and select a slurry pump. Along with considering pump hydraulic and mechanical characteristics.

Keystone Pumps 100M Assembly

Watch and see how easy it is to assemble one of our all High Chrome Iron pump wet ends to our heavy duty Submersible Motor.   Watch on   WE ARE REINVENTING VALUE!    

Solving Sump Pump Problems

We’ve met a lot of clients over the years that have experienced maintenance issues with pre-existing sump pumps.

Why We Do What We Do

I was asked recently to jot a few thoughts down about why I started Keystone.