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Why We Do What We Do

I was asked recently to jot a few thoughts down about why I started Keystone. It’s not something I do often, but it’s been useful to pinpoint our company values and to zero in on why I love this business.

My goal in starting Keystone Pumps was always to develop a heavy-duty pump that could handle any tough application and to sell it at an ethical price.

Having worked with pump manufacturing and distribution for 25 years, I saw a lot of questionable things happening in the industry – particularly with regard to pricing practices – and became convinced that I could design and manufacture a better quality pump at a better price.

So I threw my life savings into building this company, designing my own pump line with proprietary pump design software that I previously developed, conducting an exhaustive search to find the right ISO 9001 certified manufacturers to produce my pump parts and electric motors, and hiring all the right people.

I now like to leave it to Keystone customers to tell me whether we’re doing a good job!

What I do know is that I love to solve problems for my clients. I’ve spent a long time working with pumps, and think I’ve learned the business pretty well – but everyone here at Keystone knows there’s always something else to learn. For us, a tough problem brought forward by a client is a good challenge.

What we’re trying to build with Keystone is a company that brings experience and common sense to every problem – and leaves any preconceived ideas and egos out of the equation.

I think we’re a company of good people, where talking with customers to better understand their needs, and working with them to share any knowledge that might help them build or grow their businesses, is just the everyday routine.

I’d love to hear what you think of our products and services. I’m no professional blogger, but I do like to talk to people about pumps. So leave a comment or get in touch the old fashioned way.