Keystone D3147R55 Impeller


Keystone Part Number: 200.4301.12354

Keystone Model Number: KDHR 4/3 C, D

OEM Part Number: D3147R55

Part Description: IMPELLER

Part Material: SHD55/4301

Part Material Description: Natural Rubber – Standard

Part Weight: 19lbs (8.6kg)

OEM Pump Model: AH®

OEM Pump Size: 4/3C, D AH®

Frame: C, D

Parts That Fit: Warman® Pumps

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Product Description:

Quality and precision of our Keystone Impeller KDHR 4/3, manufactured to work in a wide array of industrial applications, this premium aftermarket part, known by Keystone Part Number 200.4301.12354, follows the strictest criteria, ensuring a hassle-free slurry pump parts replacement.

Key Features:

Premium Material: Crafted from SHD55/4301 Natural Rubber, our KDHR 4/3 Impeller offers excellent wear resistance and durability.
Frame: C, D
Compatibility: Designed to fit perfectly with Warman® Pumps, including OEM Pump Models AH® and sizes 4/3C, D AH®.

Industry Applications:

Our Keystone KDHR 4/3 Impeller offers versatility that extends to various industrial sectors, such as mining, sand & gravel, wastewater treatment, construction, and beyond.


Replaces OEM Part Number: D3147R55

Enhance the productivity and dependability of your slurry pump with our Keystone Impeller KDHR 4/3. It’s the pocket-friendly answer that aligns with your industrial necessities.


Keystone Pump SizeKeystone Part NumberOEM Part NumberOEM Pump SizeFrame
KDH 1.5/1B200.1228.12065B1127A051.5/1B AHB
KDHR 1.5/1B200.4301.12054B1052R551.5/1B AHRB
KDH 2/1.5B200.1228.12100B15127A052/1.5B AHB
KDHR 2/1.5B200.4301.12107B15127R552/1.5B AHRB
KDHH 1.5/1C200.1228.13116CH1127A051.5/1C HHC
KDH 3/2C200.1228.13122C2147A053/2C AHC
KDHR 3/2C200.4301.12197C2147R553/2C AHRC
KDH 4/3C,D200.1228.13134D3147A054/3C,D AHC,D
KDHR 4/3C, D200.4301.12354D3147R554/3C, D AHRC, D
KDHH 3/2D200.1228.13128DH2147A053/2D HHD
KDH 6/4D, E200.1228.12499E4147A056/4D, E AHD, E
KDHR 6/4D, E200.4301.12506E4147R556/4D, E AHRD, E
KDHH 4/3E200.1228.13140EH3147A054/3E HHE
KDH 8/6E, F200.1228.12647F6147A058/6E, F AHE, F
KDHR 8/6E, F200.4301.12654F6147R558/6E, F AHRE, F
KDH 10/8F200.1228.13152FAM8147A0510/8F AHF
KDHR 10/8F200.4301.12707FAM8147R5510/8F AHRF
KDH 12/10F200.1228.12677FAM10147A0512/10F AHF
KDHR 12/10F200.4301.12684FAM10147R5512/10F AHRF
KDH 14/12F200.1228.12690FAM12147A0514/12F AHF
KDHR 14/12F200.4301.12697FAM12147R5514/12F AHRF
KDHH 6/4F, S200.1228.13146FH4147A056/4F, S HHF,S
KDH 10/8ST200.1228.13218G8147A0510/8ST AHST
KDHR 10/8ST200.4301.12983G8147R5510/8ST AHRST
KDH 12/10ST200.1228.13158G10147A0512/10ST AHST
KDHR 12/10ST200.4301.12838G10147R5512/10ST AHRST
KDH 14/12ST200.1228.13170G12147A0514/12ST AHST
KDHR 14/12ST200.4301.12913G12147R5514/12ST AHRST
KDH 16/14TU200.1228.13176GAM14147A0516/14TU AHTU


Disclaimer: Keystone Pumps does not represent and is not in any way affiliated with Warman® a registered trademark of Weir Minerals Australia Ltd. Parts represented on Keystone Pumps W-Series, Parts webpage are not genuine OEM parts either manufactured or authorized by Warman®. These specific Keystone Pump products are sold as after-market replacement parts. All names, numbers, symbols, and descriptions are used for reference purposes only and do not imply that any part or pump listed is the product of any company other than Keystone Pumps.

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