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KST 8 Self Priming Trash Pump

The Keystone KST Self Priming Trash Pumps are designed to handle aggressive and challenging industrial applications with the ease of maintenance.  The KST performance, construction and dimensions are interchangeable with numerous pump brands.

KST 8 Specifications

Introducing the Model KST 8 Self Priming Trash Pump, a great solution for your heavy-duty pumping needs. With a 4″ suction and 4″ discharge, this robust pump is designed to handle even the toughest applications.

Featuring a maximum solid size of 3″ (76.2mm), the KST 8 pump efficiently handles water with debris, sludge, and solids-laden fluids. Its durable and robust construction ensures reliable operation in demanding environments, making it perfect for heavy industries such as mining, pulp and paper, steel, power plants, industrial sumps, reduction plants, agricultural, meat packing plants, grainers, and ports.

We understand the importance of offering versatile options, which is why the KST 8 pump is available in various arrangements including direct drive, overhead drive, and side by side base plate arrangements. This allows you to choose the configuration that best suits your specific requirements.

Interchangeable with the renowned GORMAN-RUPP® SUPER T SERIES® Pumps, the KST 8 pump and its parts offer compatibility and versatility. This means you can easily switch between pumps and parts, reducing downtime and ensuring seamless operations.

In addition to its efficient performance and durability, the KST 8 pump offers competitive pricing without compromising quality. We prioritize customer satisfaction, and our pump is designed to meet your pumping needs while providing great value for your investment.


Choose the Model KST 8 Self Priming Trash Pump for its rugged construction, efficient solid handling, interchangeability, and competitive pricing. Experience reliable and efficient pumping for your heavy-duty applications. Contact us today or visit our website to learn more about the KST 8 pump and how it can elevate your pumping experience.

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