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HDS 150L Submersible Slurry Pump

The Keystone HDS Extreme Heavy Duty Submersible Slurry Pump is designed to pump the worlds most abrasive solids.  The HDS is the most rugged and efficient submersible slurry pump on the market today.

The Keystone HDS utilizes the same wet end platform as the HDV vertical cantilever pump.

HDS 150L Twisted Vane Equipped

The HDS 150L is equipped with our state of the art twisted vane impeller technology for longer wear life, higher efficiency, and overall better performance.

The HDS 150L submersible slurry pump is a heavy-duty pump designed to handle abrasive slurries. It features a 150mm (6″) discharge size and can handle solids up to 32mm (1.26″) in size. The wet end of the pump is available in either high chrome or cd4mcu material to provide a high level of wear resistance.

The pump is equipped with a twisted vane efficient semi-open impeller, which allows for the efficient handling of slurry. The thick casings of the pump are designed to withstand wear and prolong the life of the pump. The HDS 150L is available with a range of motor sizes, from 15hp to 40hp, and can accommodate different voltages and frequencies, making it suitable for various applications.

To ensure the longevity of the pump, it is equipped with a run-dry double mechanical slurry seal, which helps prevent the ingress of slurry into the motor. One of the key features of the HDS 150L is its combination of high quality and competitive pricing, making it the lowest price option in the market without compromising on performance. Lastly, the pump is designed to be easily maintained, allowing for convenient servicing and reducing downtime.