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Keystone Agitator

The Keystone Pumps Agitator is the most advanced and effective Agitator available on the market today, providing consistent solids flow into the suction of the pump.

Others claim to have the best Agitator, but their agitators usually fling your solids material away from the pump, adding to the build up of solids around the outside of your sump walls.

The Keystone Advanced Agitator is a Propeller that is designed using Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD).  Our Advanced Agitator pushes the solids straight down and back into the pump.  You get more solids into your Keystone Pump and less around the walls of your sump.  The Keystone Agitator is threaded onto the Heavy Duty Shaft Extension and secured with our specialized locking washer to prevent the Agitator from coming loose.


Sand & Gravel / Mining Concentrate Slurry / Oil Sands Bitumen Sand Slurry / Coal Fines / Drilling Mud / Dredging