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Heavy Duty Industrial Slurry Pumps


Welcome to Keystone Pumps, your trusted source for high-quality, Heavy Duty Industrial Slurry Pumps designed to tackle the most demanding industrial applications. We specialize in manufacturing premier pump products, including submersible and vertical cantilever pumps


Rely on Heavy Duty Features

The design and construction of our heavy duty submersible pump and vertical cantilever slurry pump will increase process reliability. And both Keystone pumps offer more features than any other hard metal submersible and vertical cantilever slurry pumps on the market today.

Choose your Fit and Configuration

The key to the versatility of Keystone pumps is a modular wet end platform, which can be used with both the HDS and HDV configurations. We also work with you to ensure the right fit and selection: we’ve got discharge sizes from 2 to 10 inches, and motor sizes up to 250HP.

Save with Quality Construction

All of our wet end wear components are constructed of abrasion resistant Heat Treated High Chrome White Iron for maximum wear life. You can trust in our high quality standards and materials to translate into less downtime, and greater peace of mind for you and your business.

Our story

Keystone Pumps is a Canadian pump manufacturer based in Vancouver, British Columbia, focused on designing and manufacturing premier pump products including a horizontal, submersible, vertical cantilever, and tank pump line.  We also have a line of self-priming pumps and various other product lines.

We work with industries including mining and steel, oil and gas, pulp and paper, chemical processing and water & waste water treatment.

Got Our Keystone App Yet?

The Keystone TDH Calculator was created to assist Engineers and Technical Personnel with system calculations required for the sizing of slurry pipe systems and slurry pumps.

Latest News

The latest news, tips and articles about the heavy duty pumps industry.

Keystone Pumps Reference Guide

The Keystone Impeller Pumps Reference Guide  provides  useful information about pumps and pump systems.

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